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Tourist attractions

Wicko rural commune located on the Lęborski land and having access to the Baltic Sea, offers numerous picturesque and gorgeous holiday sites. Some of the villages deserve special attention and interest from tourist. In Nowęcin, with its brilliant hotels and B&Bs, you can enjoy horse-riding classes or hike along the meadows by the bank of Sarbsko lake..

You have to visit the old stone church from 1925, located in the middle of an ancient forest. A road to the beach goes across the Sarbska Sandbar, more precisely in the village of Ulinia, where one can see the wreck of the German ship, Vest Star, which sank during a storm in 1984.

A historic palace and the Ornithological Garden are also worth visiting, where you can admire more than 100 species of exotic birds from all over the world.